Due to control by the government, China's metallurgical technology and equipment exportation was conducted nearly all by authorized trade companies in the metallurgical industry feld before 2002.

For a long period, China's metallurgical equipment exportation was conducted mainly by China's four major metallurgical equipment exporters, i.e., SINOSTEEL EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING CO., LTD., CHINA METALLURGICAL CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION OVERSEAS, BEIJING SINO-STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADE GROUP CORP. LTD. and SHOUGANG INTERNATIONAL TRADE & ENGINEERING CORPORATION, which have made great achievements on Indian metallurgical industry market. However, after-sales services for the already-supplied projects were not so good, even technical services during the implementation of the projects were not fully satisfactory to the clients. Trading companies, rushing to get project contracts, ignored after-sales service providing, even some services, which were provided, were far from satisfaction to the clients. Metallurgical project implementation practice showed that only high technologies, good quality equipment and technical services can guarantee smooth commissioning of the projects and quick realization of high-level targeted productivity and it is only with such conditions that newly built projects can have stable and smooth operation and realize designed production targets. Otherwise, the commissioned projects could only have low productivity, poor product quality, high costs, failure to reach designed targets, trouble after trouble and heavy losses.

MSS fills in the gap in providing after-sales services in Indian metallurgical industry market. MSS has more than 30 metallurgical industry commercial employees and more than 200 metallurgical engineers and experts, who come from China's major metallurgical research, engineering and production organizations and are proficient in both domestic and international new metallurgical technologies and equipments, as well as advanced management modes. MSS has long been in good corporation with China Hebei Steel Group, the largest steel maker in China, Shougang, the top ten steel makers in China, and Beijing Iron & Steel Research Institute, top number one Chinese iron and steel technology research institute, which gives reliable and strong technical support and guarantee to MSS. Hebei Steel Group, with annual steel production of 40 million tons, is the largest steel maker in China and number two largest in the world, ranking number 314 among the world top 500 enterprises and 25 among China's top 500. Hebei Steel Group has total 32 blast furnaces, 28 sinter production lines, 8 coke oven batteries; Shougang has a long operation history of more than 90 years. Shougang group, after production facilities relocation and company restructuring, consists of Jingtang Steel, Qianan Steel, Shuicheng Steel, Changzhi Steel and Tonghua Steel, forming an extra large trans-province steel group, having two world largest volume (5500m3 ) blast furnaces with world top technologies. With metallurgical technologies and iron and steel production experiences provided by Hebei Steel Group and Shougang Group and strong talented human resources from the top metallurgical research and engineering organizations, MSS will do its utmost to provide after-sales technical services to our Indian clients in metallurgical industry.

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