Operator Training, Operation Rules and Instruction Preparation

Based on its rich theories and practical experiences, MSS provides pro- commissioning training to the client's operators and helps prepare plant operation rules and instructions according to the client's actual project conditions. Take iron making as example, operator training includes training of on-duty blast furnace operation foreman, cast house operators, material charging operators, hot stove operators, cooling system operators, blower station operators, dedusting system operators, PCI operators and casting machine operators. In operator training and operation rules and instruction preparation, MSS not only widely uses successful experiences but also closely combines client actual project conditions so that the provided training and operation rules and instruction are highly feasible and exactly directed to the client's actual conditions and needs.

Operation training includes training in theories, operation process, equipment operation, incident treatment and operation safety, also organization of the trainees to have operation practice in China's steel plants.

Operation rules and instruction preparation includes preparation of operation rules, equipment operation and maintenance rules and safety rules in production.

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